We’ve been together now going on about four years now. Since the beginning in the fall of 2015, our mission has been to reveal hope to the hopeless, shine a light in the darkness, and a take the message of Christ's love and light to the dark, lonely, and forgotten places.

The music that we plays reflects our own journey and path of healing and recovery over our addictions, hurts, and habits. 
Having had a spiritual experience as the result of this journey we want to use our music to support those who are currently struggling with addiction, those who are hurting, and the downtrodden. 

We don’t do this for money and we don’t charge for our performances. But any amount of financial support helps us continue to serve and share our music and message. We are grateful for whatever amount you can give toward in support this ministry. 

Please remember to pray for us.

God bless...


C.M. Adams - vocals, guitar, lyrics
Angela Cano - vocals, tamborine
Jim Carlile - bass, mandolin, vocals
Julie Helman - violin and cello
Gary Johnson - banjo, guitar, vocals