Let Me Go

There wasn’t much left to do / I nearly done it all / Been to hell and back again/There [wasn't much left to do / Drank to the bottom of that well / Smoked enough to fill the sky / Clouds hanging over my head / Clouds hanging over my head / Clouds hanging over my head / Love couldn’t get to me / Love couldn’t get to me / Love couldn’t get to me / Anger filled my heart / And the devil - he would not let me go / He would not turn me loose / Tried every which way he could / The devil - he would not let me go  / Thought  I was doin’ right / Thought I could do no wrong / Deception covered my eyes / Deception covered my eyes / Could not get no rest / Could not get no sleep /  Then I felt that touch /  Touch upon my sleeve / Touch upon my sleeve / Then I got down on my knees / I got down on my knees / Got down on my knees / Lord, forgive me if you please / Forgive me if you please / Then I got down on my knees / I got down on my knees / Got down on my knees / And the devil...he let go of me / Yeah, devil let go of me / The devil let go of me / Oh, the devil let go of me /And the devil he let go of me


All of my hope is gone / All my hope is gone / Got nothing else left to call my own /Nothing more on this earth that I can depend on / And I am right where I belong / It’s been a long road / A road oh, so long / Descending from this mountain top / To the valley below / With each and every turn / With every drop and fall / Reminding me I’ve still got a long way to go / Lord, I can’t make it  on my own / Without you all hope is gone / On you, I am completely dependent on  / But, am I hopeless enough? / Hopeless enough for you / Finding hope where no hope can be found / And I’m still on my way / I’m still traveling on / With each and every turn / With each and every turn / I’m leaning on the promises of your word / In  your mercy, you are showing me / In your grace, you are humbling my heart / In your infinite, patience and love - purify me / Oh, Lord, purify, purify me / Purify me


So are you a victim, are you just wasting your time / Say your rescue ship’s gone and left you behind / So many promises and so many lies / Well the truth is waiting to be seized or denied / When somebody wins, someone else is gonna loose / We can’t all win the prize though we all get the blues / Feeling forgotten, tired of paying our dues / Ready to get... what’s coming to you / But it’s time to take a stand / Not let the bitterness get the upper hand /  Don’t let our treasure get buried in the sand / Forgiveness, bring us together again / Forgiveness, make us whole again / So are you a victim, does this world got you down? / Is something missing, is hope buried in the ground? / Is the truth to deep, is it too profound? / Might change your world, turn it upside down / Sooner or later we all have to choose / Go our own way or accept the truth / Is it reason enough just to get us through? / Or will we let go of these comforts that we might lose? / And you can’t get there on your own / You’ll just keep on tripping, upon that stone / How much longer will you postpone? / How longer will you keep breaking your bones?

Make My Stand

I spent a lifetime of getting things wrong / Making the worst of the best situation / Taking all that I could, kept on moving so fast / So I didn’t have to face the wreckage of my past / Just a few years sober / Barely catching the wave / Of all that I can do if I’d only get out of the way / Forgetting all the time I’ve failed and fell on my face / Nothing left to lose and everything to gain / Upon this rock I will make my stand / Upon this stone I will build again / Upon this broken shell of a man / And the gates of hell shall not prevail / I’m choosing this day whom I shall serve / Gonna lay my burden down and lift up this curse / Doesn’t matter how far I’ve run or from where I’ve come / Though I’m the worst of sinners or what I have done / Tried to do the best that I could / With what little I had, what I thought I should /Got more than a little bit off the track / One of these days I’m gonna find my way back / Not by my own strength / Only love now can rescue me / Take no credit for what’s been done /  For this redemption, for this resurrection / No more blaming God or anyone else / No, I’ve got to see the truth for myself / See the log deep in my eye / I see the log deep inside my eye

Sweet Surrender

I’ve got to catch my breath / Got to check in with myself / The way things are going / Seems my good luck has got up and left / Got to stop for a while / Stop acting like a child / Start facing the bitter truth / Break down these walls of denial / My poor rambling mind / It’s a loaded gambling dice / Which road to ruin / Is it gonna choose this time? / Gonna be my demise / Full of deceits and lies / Gonna be my undoing / Surely gonna be the death of me / Oh, sweet surrender / Won't you come and rescue me / Oh, sweet surrender / Come and save me from myself /  Lord, knows you have carried me / And you have never let me down / Picked me up when I’ve fallen / Set my feet on solid ground / Lord, you have lifted me / Out of the darkest, deepest hole / Oh, you have healed up my broken / Filled up my empty soul / Oh, come sweet surrender / Won't you come and rescue me / Oh, Christ my savior / Only you can rescue me  / Only you can make me whole

I Come

I come to the altar / I come with arms wide open / I come humbled and broken / Down on my knees / I come with no reservations / I come without a plea / I come simply believing / I come to be set free / I come… I come… / When all has forsaken / When I’m all alone / When nothing is for certain / On you I can count on / I come… I come… / When the enemy’s at the door / When I’m facing death / When I’m up against the wall / You put my fears to rest / When my whole world is shaking / When I have nowhere else to turn / When I’ve failed you a thousand times / And I feel like I’m never gonna learn / When there is no where else to run to / When there is nowhere else to go / When I’ve run as far as I can take me / You’re still with me all along / When I’m running on empty / When I’ve got nothing left to give / When I all out of reasons / You give me a reason to live / I come… I come…

The Source

Like a mighty rushing wind / Flowing through the desert sand / Stirring up the dust / Floating across the land / Has a mind all its own / No one knows where or when / Might be here right now… / MIght be a long time comin’ my friend / It’s the giver of life / The power in your veins / Source of all wisdom / Delivers the enslaved / No eyes have ever seen / No ears have ever heard / Only hearts can testify /Only souls can know for sure / You’ll know it when it comes / You’ll feel it in your bones / You will be forever changed

You’ll never be the same again / Never be the same again / Knows what you have been through / Knows where you have been / It’s all part of the plan / This struggle that you’re in / Hears the cries of your heart / Sees beyond the hurt and pain / Extending love and grace… / Has claimed victory in His name / When the anointing comes upon / All the demons will turn and run / The anointed will be healed / And healers they will become / We shall overcome / We shall be made strong / We will raise the dead

Bow My Head

Tonight I bow my head to pray / Please Lord help me get through one more day /Thank you for your love, your mercy, and grace / For giving me the strength to carry on / There are a few more things I have to say / But sometimes the words they just don't come / Or always express how I feel / So before you now I bow and kneel / But if I could make this one request / At your banquet let me be your guest / Please don't let me get to far away / Too far away from thee / Cause I know where that road leads / I know exactly where it goes / From that pit you have rescued me / And now I'll do anything you ask of me / Lord help those who do not believe / Those who have lost their way /  Have no hope, no compass, no peace / Help them see your light inside of me / And Lord help me to follow you / To do whatever that you ask / To love you more than anything / To follow wherever your Spirit leads / Help me to be your feet and hands / To comfort those who are in pain / And give to the ones who are in need / And not give in to envy or greed / Help me to surrender my life / All desire and all of my will / Please help me to help the blind man see / Lord, help this blind man to see / If you are searching for the truth / Maybe you have a hole in your soul / If you can't seem to find an anchor / An anchor to hold on to / Just ask and he'll meet you / Meet you right where you stand / Just call and he’ll come and greet you / Meet you right where you are / Cause you know where that road leads / You know exactly where it goes / Just ask and you shall receive

Raise Me Up

I got nothing left to hide / I am poured out like cheap wine / Yes, I’m so ready / To leave my troubles behind / Like the blind leading the blind / Looking for whatever high that I could find / More was never enough / To fill that hole deep inside / But you raise me up, You lift me up on high / You hold me in, your arms held open wide / And nothing that I’ve done or could ever do / Your love, I hold on to / So this time I’m gonna choose / To do it right so I don’t lose / That is why I need you / Cause I can’t do it on my own / But my mind wants to accuse / And my heart holds onto regret / Just never let me forget / That your grace covers all of that


I have walked that lonely road / I have walked for miles and miles / I have lived and I have died / Ain’t much that I haven’t tried / I have crawled and I have run / I have cried and I have had my fun / There is only one reason that I’m still alive / Yes, I am a here to testify / Yes, I am here to testify / Testify, see what God has done / You may ask how / You may ask why / Someday soon you will realize / You may believe / You may doubt / Either way my truth I’m gonna shout / Come along all ye who labor/ Come along all ye who are burdened down / Come along all ye sinners / Come and lay your worries down / Testify, testify - testify - see what God has done / Now, see what God has done… / Testify, testify, testify / See what God has done

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